Pay a Balance:

You may pay any balances, whether billed through our office or our billing company, by clicking on the secure paypal link below.

We have contracted directly with Physicians Resources Ltd. for submissions and followup of insurance claims. Should you have a question regarding a bill from our billing company, you may contact them directly at 866-831-1190. Please let them know that our client ID is 405. This information should also be on your bill. You may also email them at

Should you be experiencing extenuating financial circumstances, please contact Cindy at our office.

You don't have to be a member of PayPal to make your payment.  You can pay using either your Debit Card or major Credit Card such as Visa or Mastercard.  If you are a member of PayPal and you want to pay directly via PayPal, you will need your username and password to login.

To pay your balance, enter the patient's first and last names, the invoice number, and the amount without the dollar ($) sign.  Transmitting your information will be encrypted for added security.  After you click the PayPal button below, you will be taken to PayPal's secure site where you enter your payment information.  If you ran into any problems, please contact us to assist you.


Payments made through this site are only for Dr. James Bloomer and his Staff at YourMedicalHome, LLC.

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