Insurance and Payment Policies

Medicare Eligible Patients:

After much reflection regarding the type of care we wish to provide and feel you deserve, it became clear that Medicare reimbursement would not support this level of care. We have therefore “opted out” of Medicare. This means that we do not participate with the Medicare program for payment for our services. This does not affect your ability to use your Medicare benefits in other settings. Please contact the office for more information regarding enrollment.

Below are some thoughts from a few of our more “mature” patients who have taken advantage of this program.

“After some Thanksgiving reflection I’m writing to thank you for establishing Your Medical Home in Exeter. Since moving to Riverwoods in 2010 I’m grateful to discover that your patient friendly primary care medical services are always available to me, that you’d visit me at Riverwoods if needed, that you have an excellent referral network, and that you’d act as my hospital advocate as a widowed senior without nearby family. Given the inevitable funding cuts in Medicare I’m convinced that the medical home concept is the wave of the future and we’re fortunate to have you pioneering the movement in our town. Many Thanks.” JE

“My father was cared for by Drs. Bloomer and Worrell for the last years of his life. Because my father was an impatient man the standard medical system would not work for him. He wanted care when he wanted it! Drs. Bloomer and Worrell provided him the reasurance that his needs were being met in a timely fashion. The team at “YourMedicalHome” was also available to the entire family to answer questions and keep us advised of my father’s condition in a respectful and compassionate manner. Two other points I would like to add. One is that Dr. Bloomer was reading an sharing books like How Doctors Think with his patients to enhance his relationship with them. Two, as my father’s life was coming to an end, because of their relationship, built over time, Dr. Bloomer was able to have candid conversations about the questions that arise about end of life. I would recommend the team at “YourMedicalHome” for anyone seeking the kid of care they offered my dad. MK R.N.,D.C.